Top 10 Enchanting Bedtime stories for Toddlers 2020


Listening or reading storybooks have always been a fascinating and charming means of pleasure from kids to adult people. The habit of reading storybooks from the very beginning of human life can be beneficial for their right upbringing. Bedtime stories for toddlers or kids can be helpful for growing virtues of empathy, compassion, respect, and love for the family and other people around them. Today’s world is too much depended on and enclosed with newer inventions of technologies and advancement. So, bedtime stories for kids or children books can be a great source of amusement for your toddlers other than mobile phone or tabs.

If your toddlers don’t want to sleep, reading “short stories for toddlers” can help you to make your baby sleep as well as it will help to improve the imagination and develop values and morals among the children. It will help in building the inner dictionary and develop the brain functions of the baby. The increased knowledge of the toddler will make him or her confident, creative and will instill reasoning. So, the practice of bedtime stories for toddlers or short stories for kids should be followed.

Best Bedtime Stories for Toddlers 2020:

1. Home Sweet Home

The book is one of the top seller kid-books online. The e-book contains 50 pages which will teach your toddlers about the importance of home and the importance of gaining patience. It can also be called as Children Turtle books. The file size is 10193KB. It can be recommended for the kids’ ages 2 to 7. The font size and illustrations are beautiful too. It will improve kid’s imagination by the positive message he is getting through the life-lessons of Tim. It will also develop the language skill of the toddler.

2. The Grasshopper and the Ant

The book is best known for a moral story as “children books“. The storybook contains 42pages. This wonderful book consisting of beautiful illustrations and rhyming texts with a fun story. It will teach your toddler how to think about the future and plan your life and belongings according to it. The story describes an ant’s life who was wise and planned his life thinking about the future. On the other hand, a grasshopper who was not worried at all what would be the future, he just wanted to relax at the present moment. The book will teach your toddler about life experience in a beautiful way.

3. Goodnight football

bedtime stories for toddlers

Good night football is a sport-based storybook which will bring the excitement of football to the youngest fan. Sports stories for kids will increase the enthusiasm about sports in their mind. The book contains rhyming texts, vibrant illustrations, and a beautiful ending will catch the eyes and heart of a young mind. The accurate reflection of real sports and love and support behind it from the family and fans are also included here. Parents will love to put their future athletes to bed by reading this book to them. Baby Bath Toys can also be directly related to language and communication developments.

4. Iggy Peck, Architecture

stories for kids

The book describes Iggy peck’s life who is an architect, creative, independent, self-expressive man. The challenging life of this man will inspire your toddler about being passionate in life. It will teach them how to overcome situations in life, how to love parents, how to be successful and fulfill your dream by working hard. These lessons are valuable for building up your child. So, this kind of book is a must in your kid’s library. These kinds of children stories always treat as an excellent educational resource.

5. Don’t Feed Your Monsters

The book can be a great source for your toddler for overcoming his or her fear. Sometimes parents or grandparents have had to deal with toddlers who are afraid to go to sleep because of fear and they imagine that their room is invaded by a big monster. Author has written a lovely children’s “bedtime stories” book that addresses this issue in a most entertaining yet powerful way. Through this book, toddlers are taken on a fun journey using adorable rhymes and magnificent illustrations and provides a fearless bedtime.

6. Night, Night, Groot (Marvel Story Book)

It is one of the most fascinating story-book for kid-books online. It describes a baby when he sleeps, he is taken to an imaginative world where a whole galaxy needed to be defended by him. The great illustrations enhance the imaginative skills of a baby. “Good bedtime stories” makes them creative, develops their brain, and makes them self-reliable. They get to know about Marvel heroes and their good deeds, thus, they also get to learn what to do for the welfare of a country and for the nation.

7. Disney Bedtime Favorite

bedtime stories for toddlers

The book consists of “best bedtime stories for toddlers“. It is a perfect bedtime book for your toddler. The book contains several Disney characters and their stories of life. The quality of binding, papers, illustrations is worth it for buying. The book will surely be loved by your little ones and will provide them with a peaceful sleep.

8. 365 Bedtime Stories and Rhymes

The book is beautifully illustrated which is enchanting and delighting for a bedtime story. The classic fairy-tales, magical stories, colorful nursery rhymes will fill your child’s dream with full of imaginations and adventures. It will be helpful for you to teach your child about traditional stories, children rhymes, and songs.

9. How to catch a Monster

It is a delightful book that will be helpful for engaging young readers and listeners. The depth and dimension of the story and vividly colored illustrations gives your toddler’s a fearless bedtime. The story is about a four years old boy who plays with a monster every night. “Good stories for kids” book beautifully written and entertaining storybook can be a great “bedtime story” for your kid.

10. 5-Minute Winnie the Pooh Stories 

The book is one of the most attractive books consisting of “short stories for toddlers”. The book features 12 interesting short stories with beautiful illustrations and is perfect for bedtime.

Books are essential for every human being which should be habituated from the early age. It will be helpful for building up different dimensions in your child’s behavior. The dimensions are- quite and calmness, imagination, family bonding, curiosity, discussions, inspiration, thought and reflection, appreciation, vocabulary, language development and a cheerful mind and heart. Children books not only provide valuable lessons to the children but also provides a lesson to the parents. When parents read stories in a different way to their toddlers, the bonding between them also grows up. Books give your child an opportunity to instill important virtues and lessons about a relationship, service, and self-exploration. Best bedtime stories for toddlers books are available in You can also search for free storybooks online.


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