Wife Demands $600,000 after finding out her Husband is Gay

Husband is Gay

This is a big question for ladies if you unknowingly married a gay man and finally found out, what would your reaction be? Would you Scream or Cry?

That thing has happened in Cape Town, South Africa. An unnamed South African woman who discovered her husband was gay two months before their sixth wedding anniversary has attempted to accuse him of $600,000.

Wife Finds out her Husband is Gay:

Times Live reports that after learning she was unconsciously her husband’s beard, the unnamed South African woman took her case to the Cape Town high court, demanding R9m just under $600,000 for psychological trauma, emotional pain and loss of income and “economic prejudice”.

According to the judge, the wife’s affidavit was “largely applied to narrate, in the finest and most intimate detail, how [the husband] came to expose that he was homosexual,” going on to “set out in further specific detail the contents of highly private and personal interactions.” He also called the wife out for snooping into her husband’s “private internet browsing activity,” meaning she now knows specifically what he was searching on Porn sites, as well as his private communications with his cleric.

The judge explained it as a “flagrant breach” of rule 43 and suspended the case on the basis that it was a “wide-ranging and flagrant abuse of process.”

He also recommended that the publication of the internet history and private messages “could be said to establish an unjustified breach of [the husband’s] right to privacy, if not that of [the wife] herself.”

The South African woman’s attorney was ordered to sacrifice his fees and pay her husband’s costs, adding that the attorney’s approach raised “troubling questions” about his conduct.


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