What to use when changing a diaper of a baby?

what to use when changing a diaper

Diapers are one of the most essential needs of babies. Changing diapers from time to time also need to be a healthy and safe process for the baby. Every parent should know what to use when changing a diaper properly for baby care and use it accordingly. A baby Diaper change may sometime get awful if your baby is no co-operative at all. But a clean, sanitary and healthy process should be maintained to save your baby from getting infected by germs.  Though you may use the best diapers or baby pampers from the market, the proper way of diaper change needs to be maintained strictly. Wise choice of baby diapers, newborn baby diapers, diaper kids also be followed while buying it. Lotions, creams, and ointments can be used while changing baby diapers. We will discuss some essential products to use for the diaper change. You must know what to use when changing a diaper and choose the best baby care products for your baby-


  1. Pampers Sensitive water-based Baby diaper wipes:

After unwrapping baby diapers, the baby diaper area should be cleaned by wiping with water. These products provide you the dermatologist-tested baby diaper wipes that are perfume-free and are unlikely to cause allergy to baby skin. The water wipes are helpful for restoring the natural Ph of the skin and proven mild clinically. In every baby diaper change, this wipe can be used to clean the area which is hygienic and provides sanitary to the baby. There is no presence of Paraben, Alcohol, perfume, and phenoxyethanol in the wipes. It will provide you with easy time for the diaper change and moisturizes the baby skin and can be applied to sensitive skins. This product is also trusted by hospitals.


  1. California Baby Diaper Area Wash:

California baby diaper area wash is used for washing baby diaper area by applying it through the cotton pad, washcloth or skin. It is applicable for the diaper change and can cleanse the sensitive skin. The nice smell of the product is soothing and can be used for diaper rash also. The wash will speed up the healing of the skin rash and try to protect from future rashes. This product does not irritate or burn the baby skin and carries organic and legitimate grown ingredients. It is more useful for cloth diapers. If you spray the product to the diaper rash it may take less time to heal.


  1. The Honest company soothing Bottom Wash:

The Honest soothing bottom wash is very helpful for giving your baby a soothing diaper change time. This product contains witch hazel and botanical extracts which cleanses the baby skin gently and gives the baby total refreshment. This product fosters baby skin with organic aloe. It is also useful for a newborn baby diaper change. The poopy smell is also eliminated by this washable product. So, this product can be a good experience for mothers.


  1. Weleda Diaper Care Cream:

For knowing what to use when changing a diaper, a mother can rely upon this product which is made from Weleda’s biodynamic garden ingredients. This product is free of parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrance. The process includes zinc oxide base with organic extracts which is blended with almond and sesame oil. It gives soothing to the sore skin of the baby. This product is helpful for diaper rashes too. The formula is helpful for sensitive and atopic skin. Weleda diaper care cream is also effective for a pimple or body acne removing. It may work better for keeping eczema breakouts away. For the helpfulness activity of this cream, this is most liked by so many users.


  1. Baby Bits Wipe solution:

Baby bits Wipe solution can be considered one of the best baby care products for the baby bottom wash. The solution is mainly small cubes which can be dissolved in water and used with cloth wipes. Adding water to these wipes gives a great solution for cleaning your baby’s bottom. The wipes are reusable and suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin. It is made from coconut oil, olive oil, organic herbs, essential tea tree, and lavender oil. It can be applied to cloth diapers too. The solution is not harmful at all and it gives fragrance to cloth diapers. This product is recommended by many parents for their child’s skincare and protection.


  1. Diaper Lotion Potion Spray:

Diaper lotion potion spray is one of the most useful products for curing diaper rash. This product is effective for a soothing and natural wash that keeps the baby bottom safe and hygienic and heals baby’s sensitive skin with proper care and no use of alcohol, fragrance and other harmful ingredients. It is a water-soluble spray which restores the Ph balance of the baby skin and works as an anti-bacterial product. The spray softens, soothes and refreshes the baby skin and provides a rash less diaper change.



So, we can say every parent should know what to use when changing a diaper of a baby and follow proper rules and hygiene for the safety of the baby. Physical childcare can be a great means of bonding with your baby. It has a specific value which can provide an enormous amount of bonding with your child by only changing a diaper. Changing diapers can also provide a soothing and refreshing mind to your baby. A messy nappy or diaper is unhygienic for your baby as well as can risk your baby’s life by infecting bacteria and germs. So, while changing diaper proper cream or lotions or best baby care products can be applied to make the area clean and refreshing. Wiping the area with water and proper cleaning is also mandatory. If baby bottom gets affected by rashes or pimples, using proper ointment or anticipative cream is also necessary. But choosing improper product may cause to the serious health risk of the baby and can contaminate the sensitive skin. So, choosing the right product and acting accordingly is necessary for the child’s good and safe health.


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