6 Best Smart Home Gadgets For 2019


Are you looking to make your home just a little smarter? Yes, you are in right places. A ton of new Smart Home gadgets or devices are coming out this year, and include new connected appliances, cameras, light bulbs even robots and trashcans. It is very difficult to figure out which one you need to buy and which one is actually the best among of them.

Tons of products and whole ecosystems want to help you control your home via a single iOS or Android app. With some good efforts, woderside.net did an analysis for you to find out best Smart Home gadgets for your sweet home. Read through the article and let us know your actual opinion.

Shortcut List of Some Smart Home Gadgets:

Gadgets NameTypeMain SpecificationWeightPrice
1Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) SpeakerControl smart home Gadgets29.0 ounces (821 grams)Check Price
2 Lutron Caseta Lighting KitLight switchesApp-enabled switches14.4 ouncesCheck Price
3Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd GenerationThermostatCan control radiators and water heating1 poundsCheck Price
4Philips Hue White Smart BulbLightControl your lights from home or away7.2 ouncesCheck Price
5Nest Cam Outdoor security cameraCameraLook after home in 1080p HD, day and night2.75 poundsCheck Price
6Elgato Eve Energy (1st Generation) Switch & Power MeterGet instantly see how much energy your devices are using3.04 ouncesCheck Price

1. Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

smart home gadgets

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Amazon Echo is one of the most popular Smart Home Gadgets for 2018. Amazon decided the time was right to refresh its flagship smart speaker, the voice-activated Amazon Echo. The second-generation Echo is smaller and more attractive than the original. Plus, you can change its skins to match your decor. Inside, the new Echo does all the same things it does: control smart home gadgets, connect to other smart home hubs, read you audiobooks, check the weather, and even let you purchase things online just by using your voice. Echo can be used for playing music, too, though this is not hi-fi quality.

2. Lutron Caseta In-Wall Wireless Smart Lighting Kit

Lutron Caseta In-Wall Wireless Smart Lighting Kit

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If you’re thinking of replacing your light switches with smart, app-enabled switches you can automate or control remotely, then Lutron belongs right at the top of your list. It is easy to set up and schedule lights so your family will always come back to a well-lit home.

Lights can automatically adjust with changing seasons and Daylight Savings time. Smart Away feature turns lights on and off randomly when you are traveling.

Use with voice assistant, Pico remote (included), or smartphone via the FREE Lutron iOS and Android. Available in a variety of colors and tones, each switch looks appropriately fancy, yet still understated enough to blend in with the most home decor. wonderside

3. Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Smart Home Gadgets

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Nest Learning Thermostat is another invention of Smart Home Gadgets. Nest talks wirelessly to your boiler and can control radiators and water heating. If the sensor realizes you have left the house it switches to Away mode, to save energy, though you can also turn heating and water on or off remotely via your smartphone. When the Nest Thermostat spots you across the room, it lights up beautifully to show you the time, temperature or weather. You can use it as your Smart Home Gadgets.

4. Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Starter Kit

Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Starter Kit

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Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit a near must-have for anyone who’s serious about connected lighting and a very safe purchase. It’s polished. It’s easy to use. It works with just about everything. It can automate your lighting experience and control your lights from home or away. Create light schedules from the Philips Hue App and never come home to a dark house. If you take a look at the shape of the bulb itself, you’ll see that it’s nice and wide, extending out beyond the heat sink. You can use it in your kitchen spaces beside Pantry Storage Cabinet to enlighten your kitchen.

5. Nest Cam Indoor security camera

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Nest’s latest security camera is very smart and advanced. It looks great, too. It has a high-quality lens and digital sensor. Wide-angle view 130° and all-glass lens let you look after home in 1080p HD, day and night. When Nest Cam detects activity, it can send a phone alert or email with a photo of the event. Nest Cam has a built-in speaker and microphone and lets you talk and listen to the app. Night vision facility. See the whole room at night not just a limited spotlight view.

 6. Elgato Eve Energy – Switch & Power Meter

Smart Home Gadgets

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A smart power switch is one of the simplest Smart Home Gadgets its ways to get into home automation. It is very easy to set up because Eve connects directly to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth Smart technology, without requiring a hub, gateway or bridge. Get instantly see how much energy your devices are using. It’s Convenient and easy to control just switch your devices on or off with a simple tap or using Siri. You can control your devices connected to eve energy with just your voice.

The wonderside reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. It’s up to you and you are independent which one you want to buy or not.

writer: Stuart Xavier for wonderside @wonderside.net


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