Best 5 Smart Pregnancy Gadgets for 2020 Review


Pregnancy is the most precious gift for women. Though it is tough and stressful, sometimes it is a little scary too. Women experience all kinds of crazy sensations during pregnancy. By this time some of “Pregnancy Gadgets” may help you to relief from a few unwanted situations. In pregnancy period every woman should follow some daily routine or To-Do list. Like they need to set occasional visit plan to the doctor, aware of morning sickness, continuous monitoring of baby health etc.

Too many doctor visits or continuous checkup baby health at the hospital is a painful thing for a pregnant woman. So why not Smart Pregnancy Gadgets? Lists of Smart Pregnancy Gadgets that may help make your pregnancy even more interesting.

Wonderside will discuss some interesting Smart Pregnancy Gadgets designs for listening to your unborn child’s heartbeat, defending off morning sickness, monitoring contractions, talking to the baby-to-be and more. All smart gadgets are gift-able gadgets to a “pregnant woman”.

Shortcut list of Pregnancy Gadgets before going full review:

Gadgets NameTypeMain FeaturesWeightPrice
1BellybudsBaby Bump SpeakersPlay music and messages directly to the womb8.2 ounces
2Queen Rose Pregnancy Body Pillow
Pregnancy PillowProvides comfort for side sleeping5.5 Pounds
4BundleTumble BabyBlipSound AmplifierAmplifies baby’s Sounds12.8 ounces
4Baby Movement MonitorBaby Movement MonitorBaby Movement Monitor2.31 pounds
5Angel Sounds Baby Bump SpeakersListen to unborn baby’s heartbeat, and other movements 11 ounces

You might be wondering:

1. Bellybuds

Pregnancy Gadgets

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Listening to music is our regular habit. In a different mood, different location always you are trying to listen to different music. So Why not share the music or other interesting sounds with your baby? Some research has shown that babies can remember the music that was played to them in the womb for up to a year after birth.

The Smart Pregnancy Gadgets BellyBuds system can send “Memory Sharing Sounds” directly to the womb. BellyBuds speakers allow you to safely play music and messages from loved ones directly to the womb from your iOS, Android or any standard audio device. A hearing is the first-sense that connects baby-to-be with the big world outside. There’s also an earphone splitter, so you and your baby can both listen at the same time. It will be a Great gift for Mom to Be.

Review Discussion of this Product from Verified Purchase:

Customers give a comment for this product is priceless because of it increases their bonding with baby by hearing the baby’s moving and playing sound. Its quality is great taking inputs from my close neighbor. Some people purchased this Pregnancy Gadgets for their sisters, daughters who are expecting mothers.

2. Queen Rose Pregnancy Body Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow

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In pregnancy period it is difficult to sleep well at night. This Pregnancy pillow is a pillow of a large size, but U-shaped, bean-shaped. Most pregnant women find a lot of comforts using these pillows, chiefly in sleeping at night. Queen Rose Pillow completely made of Allergy-free cotton.

Queen Rose Pregnancy Body Pillow is high density and extra soft it provides comfort for side sleeping and good for longer use. It also supports in reading, nursing, watching TV, and breastfeeding. This maternity body pillow is an outstanding choice for expecting mothers at any point in their pregnancy. This pillow is one of the best Pregnancy Gadgets for expecting mothers. Because of Queen Rose body pillow’s main focus is complete customer satisfaction. They provide the 90-day exchange or refund Guarantee without any charge if you don’t like it. Find more Pregnancy Pillow review from here.

Review Discussion of verified Purchases:

Too many expecting mothers brought this product for comfort side sleeping. It also helps them to relief from back pain and positioning. Some customers have experience with others pillow they also recommend this after using this Pregnancy Pillow. It also fits for larger or fatty women.

3. Baby Movement Monitor

baby gadgets

“Babysense” is the best and simple baby movement monitor device during pregnancy. It is a highly sensitive device that monitors and catches even the smallest baby’s movements through the mattress. It has a passive sensor system which is totally safe and has no direct contact with your infant. Two central sensitive sensor pads afford coverage for the entire bed area or crib. Babysense is very easy to operate, it has a one-button activation feature.

Review Discussion of this Product from Amazon Verified Purchase

Some customers highly recommend this product because they can easily monitor the baby’s movement through this product. Babysense sensors caught every breath and flinch of your baby which is displayed by a green flash on the control unit. Sometimes this alarm may save your baby’s life.

4. BabyPlus Prenatal Education System


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It is a popular Gift for a Newly Pregnant Couple. BabyPlus Prenatal Learning System has won Mom’s Choice Award Winner 2017. This device is a patented set of sound lessons, played during pregnancy that grows a baby’s early cognitive progress. You will get the best results when used between 18 weeks and 32 weeks. BabyPlus Education System introduces patterns of sound similar to the maternal heartbeat. It is helping Mommy bond with the baby.

Review Discussion of this Product from amazon Verified Purchase

This device strengthens your baby’s learning abilities with naturally derived audio lessons. Some research found that Babies that have experienced this prenatal curriculum are born more comfortable and alert. Typically, their eyes and hands are open at birth. It helps a lot for baby sleeping through the night.

5. Angel Sounds

pregnancy gadgets

“Angel Sounds” is the best and simple sounds monitor device during pregnancy. It gives you five years money back warranty for 100% satisfaction. This gadget also ensures 100%  peace of mind throughout pregnancy. This incredible “Angel Sounds” has two jack ports for using two sets of earphones at the same time. Using this gadget “expecting parents” can listen to their precious “baby’s adorable sounds”, kick and heartbeat even they can record it. They are providing also recording tools.

Review Discussion of this Product from Verified Purchase

One 17 weeks pregnant mother recommend this product which allows mom peace of mind and helps to hear baby’s heartbeat. Some parents noticed that in the wet skin they found heartbeat quickly. It is simple and easy to set up. Bunch of parents likes their dual headphones feature. Some customers complain that it works but randomly shuts off.


We have analyzed all of the products with real life review and Amazon customer review. It is up to you which one you will prefer. If you have any query or comments feel free to comment below. By the way, in pregnancy period it is difficult to sleep well at night. We strongly recommend you use “Pregnancy Pillow” comfort side sleep, relax your muscles and improves blood circulation. Mainly Pregnancy Pillow is best for baby support. During Pregnancy you should do Pregnancy Exercise which can help you to keep active and stay healthy. You can find out some special Smart Home Gadgets to make your home digital for your upcoming new family member.

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Last Updated on 28th October 2018


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