Best Baby Bath Toys Review 2019 for your Children


Toys are one of the most common sources of entertainment among the babies or children before they completely become an adult. It is increasingly applied to the pursuit of pleasure and merging into the seamless binding of entertainment, education, information, and play. Toys may come in many forms-Bath toys, Kids toys, toddler toys, educational toys, instrumental toys, games and video games. Here we will show you the best baby bath toys which are easy to buy, affordable and perfect match for your baby’s amusement. Toys and their ways of playing can play a vital role as a feature of communication and transmission of culture in a child’s behavior. It reflects and impacts cultural practices and beliefs. Baby toys can also be directly related to language and communication developments. So, wise choice of toys is mandatory for the welfare of your baby.

Here is the list of best baby bath toys:

Toys NameBaby AgeWeightOur Rating(Out of 5)Price
1. Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys6 Months132 g4.4
2. Elegant Rubber Water Squirties6 Months9.6 ounces4.8
3. Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover6 Months5.8 ounces4.7
4. Disney Baby Bath Squirt Finding Nemo1 Years0.64 ounces4.6
5. Yellow Duck Bath Toy for Toddler1 Years1.01 pounds4.8
6. Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys1 Years5.9 ounces4.8
7. Foam Bath Toys Preschool Alphabet2 Years8.5 ounces
8. Magnet Boat Set for Toddlers2 Years11.2 ounces4.8
9. Waterproof Foam Building Blocks2 Years12 ounces4.6
10. Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Set6 Months -5 Years2.9 pounds4.4

Benefits of using Bath toys during Baby bath:

As we already know that toys place a great role in building behaviors correctly of a baby. As he plays the culture and beliefs grow with it in a baby’s mind. During a bath, they have the most playful mind and the joyous environment around them. Sometimes they also get irked. In that time if you can provide toys and make him or her busy playing it will be easy for you to get your baby washed easily and carefully. He or she may also cooperate you while you are bathing them. “Best bath toys” can be helpful for you for choosing the right toys for your children.

Best Baby Bath Toys for 6 Months Old:

1. Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys

Baby Bath Toys

Pals squirt and float toys are one of the most fun-loving “bath toys” which come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. It consists of different characters and textures. It requires no battery and light weighted(4ounce). The structures are made in such a way that it is easily grasped by little hands. Pals squirt holds a set of 5 characters. The warranty for these little toys may vary from months to years, depend only on the care and usage. It may get smelly sometimes if the molds remain unwashed. The product is not dish-washable.

2. Elegant Rubber Water Squirties

bath toys

Bath Time Fun Rubber Water Squirts Vinyl Zip Storage Bag, Sea Party can be used as “baby toys 6 months old child”. The toys can be played by 6months+ babies in the tub, pool or beach. The lifespan of this toy also depends on the care and environment condition. Its weight is 9.6ounces. It should be rinsed by water for dirt cleansing. The pack may b consists of a crab, sea turtle, dolphin, seashell and more. If the toys are detected by mildew, washing it in the mixture of vinegar and water will be beneficial. You may find some “Best Baby Care Products” from here.

3. Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover Blue

baby bath product

Moby Bath Spout Cover Universal Fit, Blue is a useful baby bath product. It keeps babies away from bumping with the moby faucet cover. This is made of tough rubbers which protect the baby during bath time. It has mildew resistant and dishwasher safe properties and BPA free. This can hang around after baby’s bath. You may find difficulties while pulling the strap off sometimes when its too much tightened.

Best Baby bath toys for 1 year old:

4. Disney Baby Bath Squirt Finding Nemo

Best Baby Bath Toys

The pack includes Nemo, Dory, and turtle, 3in 1 set. It’s a great bath time fun which comes in various sizes and colors. They are adorable which gives babies great fun to play in the water. They can be moody sometimes. So, you can rinse them with hot water and baking soda and wash them properly.

5. Yellow Duck Bath Toy for Toddler

baby learning toys

Yellow Duck is one of the most kids loving toy which can be described as “baby learning toys“. It is 11inch tall interactive duck which keeps baby in fun mood while bathing. This duck can stick to the glossy surface. This toy enhances baby’s hand and eyes coordination also.

6. Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

baby bathtime toys

The pack includes one octopus and 3 rings. It is also responsible for the development of baby’s hand-eye coordination. Nuby Octopus comes in various colors and sizes which is helpful for stimulating baby’s sense. Hoopla is lightweight (5.9) ounce. It is floatable in the water and makes the bath fun for the baby.

Best Baby Bath toys for 2 years old:

7. Foam Bath Toys Preschool Alphabet

baby educational toys

It is one of the most useful “educational toys” for preschool going kids. The alphabets have made of foam and come in large sizes and colors. While bathing it can be a great source of education. It also includes animals, so that babies can put corresponding alphabets besides the matching animal. Thus, learning becomes easy also. “Bedtime stories for toddlers or kids can be helpful for growing virtues of empathy, compassion, respect, and love for the family

8. Magnet Boat Set for Toddlers

baby boat toys

This boat is a safe and best-rated game while bathing. Magnet Boat Set comes in 4 in 1 pack. It is a great bath time toy which is safe, BPA free and lead-free. It enhances the baby’s motor skills, imagination skill, color and number learning skill.

9. Waterproof Foam Building Blocks

best baby bath toys

It can be referred as best baby bath toys for fun loving children. The pack includes 16 blocks of different shapes and sizes, a board, a mesh, a tote and 2 ducks. It is waterproof and made from a non-toxic material, BPA free and lead-free. The textures are designed in such a way that it will not harm the baby’s soft skin. It helps to develop the baby’s creative thinking ability and sensory learning through shapes and colors.

Bonus: Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Set

Kits for baby bath time

Other than these toys, you can also rely upon skip hop moby bath set. It consists of four bath time essentials- Bath kneeler, elbow pad, spout cover and bath mat. The kit is perfect for baby bath time. The bath kneeler assembled with quick-dry neoprene and large cushiony padding which will support parent’s knees while giving to the baby. Spout cover needs to protect the baby during bath time and is made of soft, tough rubber. Moby elbow rest is used for putting small things safely. Moby bath mat can use for babies so that they don’t slip or fall.

So, we can say that giving you babies toys while having a bath can have a great impact on your baby’s behavior as well as it makes the bath hustle free. Try to choose the right bath toys which are not harmful to your child’s health physically. Always try to keep the toys washed and dirt free, so that baby will not be affected by bacteria or other germs. Keep your baby Happy and keep yourself happy too.


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