7 Best Car Ice Scraper Tools and Techniques 2021


If you have watched popular TV series Game of Thrones then you are very familiar with this word “Winter is Coming”. Don’t have to think about winter is coming, winter is here already it’s snowing outside. It’s ice storm season. Your car can become frozen and covered in inches of ice within a few hours. So Ice can disrupt your winter season if you don’t have the proper cleanup equipment and Ice Scraper tools

At first, we will discuss some Techniques of making your car ready to drive:

  1. Scraped off windscreens with a snow brush
  2. Break up any thin layer of ice on the hood and trunk then brushed off by snow brush
  3. Start the car and let it warm up with the heater
  4. Mind it does not start the car unless the exhaust pipe and radiator grill are clear
  5. Scrape ice off the lenses after turning on the headlights
  6. Another important thing doesn’t turn the windshield wipers on until they’re free of snow and ice
  7. Use winter grade windshield washer liquid to facilitate melt ice from the car windows

List of Best Car Ice Scraper Tools:

Item NameWeightOur RatingPrice
1Hopkins 532 Mallory 26" Snow Brush12 ounces4.7Check Price
2True Temper 36-Inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush1.1 pounds4.5Check Price
3BirdRock Home 55" Extendable Ice Scraper 2 pounds4.3Check Price
4Hopkins Subzero 16621 Ice Crusher Ice Scraper4 ounces4.6Check Price
5Car Snow and Windshield Snow Cover7.2 ounces4.4Check Price
6Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom with Ice Scraper1.2 pounds4.2Check Price
7Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel1.3 pounds4.6Check Price
BonusSafe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter Pet Safe8.2 pounds4.3Check Price

Here are the 7 Best Car Snow Scraper Tools:

1. Hopkins 532 Mallory 26″ Snow Brush

ice removal tools

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Want to know about the best seller of “Snow Brush”, it is Hopkins 532 Mallory 26″. Hopkins is the leading snow and ice tools brand in North America. Mallory 26″ snow brush is more popular because of its quality construction, robustness and lightweight solutions. A simply designed snow brush gives you unbreakable scraper blade, soft foam grip handle, comfort length and easy to use the facility. It is known as the “Best Car Snow Brush” for low pricing.

It’s scraper working really good and do not scratch the windshield glass. This Car Ice Scraper Tool is recommended for low pricing with good quality and free shipping services.

2. True Temper 36-Inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush

Ice Scraper

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“No ladder,  Zero Chance of slipping off” by using this light-weight and handy brush to clean vehicle roof. Dual formation of True Temper snow brush gives you Ice scraper on opposing end of the brush. Its aluminum handle and EVA foam brush give you professional car washes. Its unique design keeps your car body and mirror scratch free in this winter. It is the best product for a small surface area.

3. BirdRock Home 55″ Extendable Ice Scraper 


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If you are looking for a tiny small brush then this is not for you. BirdRock is a giant brush to allows you to get the snow off the top. BirdRock is a fast Car Ice Scraper Tools for medium and large size cars, trucks and vans. Featuring jaws which is used to break ice on the front and on the other ice scraper remove ice. It extends up to 55″. It uses to remove snow from car roof, hood, windshield and trunk.

2 pounds weighted BirdRock have been combat tested in the wobbly Mountains. Some of the customers have complained as they broke the removable part on their first use. So it is a challenge to use expendable or removable part smoothly.

4. Hopkins Subzero 16621 Ice Crusher Ice Scraper

Ice Scraper

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Hopkins Subzero is one of the best and a small “ice scraper“. This 11″ low budget car Ice Scraper tool provides you extra wide 4.5” blade hat clears snow instantly. Its oval-shaped, elastic foam grip provides you maximum comfort. Its soft grip and small size make it easy to use, fast and effective one.

5. Car Snow Cover, Windshield Snow Cover

ice removal tools

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To avoid freezing keep covering your hands and legs from ice is a common scenery in the winter season. So why not cover your car from ice.  Cover your loved car with this large windshield snow cover and keep your car ready-to-drive in snowy winter. Its weatherproof aluminum composite and waterproof layer protects your car and keep the windshield clean and clear from snow. For keeping your car shines there are no paint scratching hood magnets. So it will be the best windshield snow cover in this winter for your car.

6. Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom with Ice Scraper

wonderside.net Ice Scraper

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Snow Joe is another quick and fast “Car Ice Scraper” Tools. It uses to remove snow from car roof, hood, windshield and trunk. Its dual purpose design gives you 18-inch wide snow broom head on the bottom and on the other side built-in ice scraper.

Its robust foam head safely snows off your vehicle without damaging its color paint and glass surfaces. Low weight only 1.2 pounds of Snow Joe gives you easy to handle and easy to stores inside the trunk of your car.

7. Aluminium Sport Utility Shovel

Ice Scraper

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In winter digging out your car from snow Aluminium Sport Utility Shovel is the best handy and light-weight tools. This shovel easily disassembles into three pieces for portability and it can be easily stored in your car.

With making high-quality aluminum it is long-lasting, light-weight 1.3 pounds. This car Ice Scraper tool has the metal blade which is great and useful for dealing with ice. Surely it is something which will help you dig out of a big storm. Get ready to defend your car from any big storm. Want to look for some Smart Home Gadgets?

Bonus:  Safe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter Pet Safe

ice melting liquid wonderside.net

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Do you forget about your pets in this winter? Do not need to think about it. Safe Paw is here to save your pet animals. It is a number one Ice Melter. Using safe paw you can make sure your front walk and driveway are completely clear of ice. In high volume snow Sports Utility Shovel and Safe Paw Ice Melter will be a great combination. Using snow melts is not always good health. It may cause irritation. So before using it, you should follow Safety Warning.

Ice Scraping from Car Ice Scrapers on Video:

Video Courtesy: Z0ne5ive

Author: Stuart Xavier at wonderside.net


  1. Ice control is just the beginning. Sustainable products are the future of our planet and are working each day to make that a reality.

  2. I used brass blade scrapers. Still softer than glass, harder than ice, and the thin blade was much better at getting under the ice.


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