Best Drip Coffee Maker Guide 2018


Coffee. The lively friend of co-eds and the motivational companion of sales executives. The steeped staple of Western progress and the seed of Eastern agriculture. The black beverage that drips into every aspect of our society needs a vehicle of expression. A modern drip coffee maker is the perfect vehicle. Amidst the vast selection of these machines, which ones are considered the best? We went to industry reports, coffee societies, and elitist journals to find the answer. You can see a full report of best drip coffee maker and as well as other different types of coffee maker reviews at The results of we are found in.

Note on cost Best Drip Coffee Maker:

Most of these makers cost over 100 dollars but are about 200 dollars. The highest priced ones range from 200-500 dollars (we will note these most expensive ones) The cheapest generally are in the 15 to 20 dollar range. Be prepared to shell out a little extra cash for long-lasting value.


Bella makes all sorts of housewares. Yet the company truly captured the spirit of home when they created their signature coffee maker. The Bella makers come in an array of colors. Red, charcoal, black, steel, green, purple, blue, orange, violet, pearl. Almost any color that you find an interior design match for.


This beloved brand has been topping the cool new kid charts for a while now. Anything with the Bialetti name will make your kitchen bring out the vibes of home.

Bialetti comes in drip, cold brew, and espresso varieties. They are typically made of stainless steel hardware with branding ensigns near the foot rim. They come in black, bare steel, and blue.


Almost anything you can find with the “Cuisinart” name tagged to it will be brilliant. We’ve cross-referenced this article to at least 3 other lists of shopper favorites. Cuisinart is on every other one.

That’s mostly because Cuisinart has all the bells and whistles that give a modern coffee maker charm. Complete with sleek designs, temperature control, strength control, built in grinders, and other features, Cuisinart

Hamilton Beach

Best Drip Coffee Maker

This should be a well-known brand to you from other home designs. If it is, you already have a feel for how intense the finesse of Hamilton Beach’s signature coffee maker has become. Both classic and modern, Hamilton Beach has accents that speak to everyone. 


Called “the restaurant maker” by Strategist at NYMag. This brand of makers has been present in American diners across the heartland for decades.


The one that grinds the beans for the drip was rated as the best of this bunch. There are many more from this brand that made the cut this year.

A crowd favorite of this brand line is the Capresso 10-cup programmable. Made with stainless-steel vacuum sealed hardware. This machine is both beautiful and efficient. The only downside of this particular model is that it has no grinder.

Ninja Bar Brewer

Ninja Bar tells you to go beyond the coffee house and it does. Moderately priced, Ninja Bar coffee makers have sleek steel-on-black or earth tone designs. This maker uses “thermal flavor extraction” to give you a wide range between cold and hot recipe coffee-based beverages.

Some of the charms behind Ninja Bar brewer machines is a removable reservoir. This makes for a simple extraction, fill up and washing. But that’s not where the design charms end. The machines also come with uniquely crafted brew baskets and measurement scoops that assist in making a better-proportioned flavor.

Technivorm Moccamaster

For the techy coffee makers, this one is moderately priced. They are generally in the low 200 dollar range. This brand was started in 1964 and is a leading figure in the world of coffee making innovation. Technivorm has even been featured in Cook’s Illustrated. It also won’s “Best Drip Coffee Maker” award in recent years.


Are you ready to make your life simpler? This is the way to do it. Bonavita is a crowd favorite because of its simple-use system.

Keurig Elite

There is a certain charm to the K-cup that persists over the industry. Mashable sets this maker apart from its peers by its convenience. A Keurig is more expensive to operate, but it is much quicker and cleaner than many models which use a filter and lose grounds mechanism.

Keurig Elite takes the convenience to the next level, allowing you to brew both traditional hot recipes and cold brew creations. 

MoJoe Mobile Coffee Brewer

This is a favorite because you can bring it with you wherever you go. It’s like a to-go mug with a Keurig insert that brews the coffee directly into the canister. While this one is more expensive than some, at an average retail price of 99 dollars, it is a worthy investment. Simply plug it into its mobile adapter and let vacuum drip technology have her perfect work.

Barisieur Alarm Clock Brewer

Remember when we said that these were going to cost a shiny penny? The Barisieur is 400 dollars. Yikes! Keep in mind that you’re getting much more than a clock with this beautiful piece of hardware. You also get a fancy alarm clock. An alarm clock that just happens to brew your morning joe for you when your alarm goes off.

You can order one of these intricate innovations here. For our English expats, anglophiles, Asian friends, or simply lovers of tea, you can brew tea in it as well. Instructions are available at the site.

The hardware base comes in either jet stone black or a bridal white tone. They each have the wooden offset. The brewing device itself is glass and stainless steel. This offsets the Scandinavian inspiration with the modern ritualistic feel that inspired it.

Chemex Classic 8 Cup

The design alone makes this brand worth all 50 dollars you will spend on it. Chemex Classic has the feel of a holy grail. It’s glass hourglass-shaped body is circled in the middle by a wooden design. This wooden piece is circled by a small leather cord. The aesthetic of this piece can’t be praised enough. But Chemex isn’t known only for its beautiful device. The flavor control from this pour-over drip is what sets it apart as a famous name.

Coffee. Whether you choose a timepiece, a portable, or something with a bistro of inspiration, this is a staple of your lifestyle.


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