Efficaciously Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone Users


With the advancement of technology and the building of new applications, people’s life is getting easier. From health to wealth all can be measured, shared, transferred through apps and technologies. Best weight loss apps for iPhone users are also a great achievement by the means of technology. This apps reside in your pocket through the phone and keep you updated about your health and fitness. Weight loss apps are very useful in such a way that it can keep track of your lifestyle habits. These give you weight loss tips by working as a calorie counter app, calorie tracker, food tracker, weight tracker, weight watcher’s apps, slimming apps for phone and so on. It increases awareness by self-monitoring and motivates you towards weight loss goal by rewarding. Here we will show you the best weight loss apps for iPhone users to keep them healthy, happy and fit.

List of  Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone Users:

1. Fitbit

Best weight loss apps for iPhone

Fitbits are helpful to track your physical activities. It is associated with a wearable device which is an excellent resource for shedding your weights by tracking your exercise habits. The device is synced with the app which keeps track of your eating, exercise and sleeping habits. Fitbit also provides you with a target goal to reach there for losing weight and burning calories. This smartwatch includes daily goals for step counter, calorie tracker and distance traveled, heart rate, stairs climbed and others.

It has a community feature where you can also challenge your friends by setting a goal. Apps will also award you after completing goals. You can set alarm and use GPS to count distance and share your workout progress with friends. Data from apps will provide you with a weight loss graph to show you how you are progressing day by day. If you have not the Fitbit device, no need to worry as the sensors of your phone can track most of the information to help you with losing weight and keeping you fit.

 Drawbacks- The device is a little bit expensive which can be a drawback for many of us. 

2. My fitness pal

weight loss apps

It is one of the most popular weight loss apps for iPhone users. This calorie counter which provides you the amount of calorie for intake and burns. It conducts a nutrition database of over 6million different foods. Apps also include untraceable restaurant foods, if you eat them it will show you how many calories you have gained. It can provide you an overview of your Carb, fat and protein consumption by showing pie charts or reports. Weight loss apps also work as a weight tracker. You can also scan the barcodes of different food package and nutrition as it is featured with a barcode scanner. You can also share weight loss tips with others by messaging them through this app.

 Drawbacks- As it contains a huge database sometimes it may lack the advantage of showing the correct food you are eating. Sometime the nutrition information may not accurate also. 

3. Lose it App

Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone

Lose it can be counted as the best weight loss apps for iPhone user. It is a calorie tracker as well as weight tracker app which is a very user-friendly app, customized with weight loss tips and plans. It also includes a database of 7million foods, restaurants and brands. The app will track by the picture of your meals with ‘Snap It’ feature. It can connect with other apps and have a community feature where goals and challenges can be shared with other friends. I phone users can use this app for sustainable healthy weight loss. It works as a food tracker and provides the best diet plan for weight loss.

 Drawbacks- The app is unable to track vitamin and minerals or other substances of your food. 

4. Weight Watchers App

Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone

The app is popular as a weight tracker app among the users. The app uses for tracking foods and physical activities for fitness tracking. It can be synced to a fitness tracker for gaining fit points. The app is mainly based on a company named Weight Watchers, who offer different services with weight loss and maintenance. It also generates some meetings where participants can go. The app is helpful for making healthy choices and monitors your progress. It also includes healthy recipes which work as the best diet plan for weight loss.

 Drawbacks- You must be a paid subscriber and member of Weight Watchers which may cost $8.92 to attend per meeting and $3.91 per week for the online subscription. 

5. Fooducate

Best Weight Loss Apps

The app can be used as a food tracker by the users. The main objective of this app is to navigate the grocery shopping according to weight loss policy. It gives you a list of healthy purchase and alternatives that should be included in your balanced meal for your health.  The fooducate nutrition scanner can scan unhealthy ingredients hidden in a product and notify you accordingly. It considers as the best weight loss app for I phone users as it can maintain your healthy balanced life through grocery shopping. It can educate users based on nutrition and can track your sleep. Activities and mood as well.

 Drawbacks- To get access to the health and nutrient tracking features, you have to be a paid member of it. 

The other popular apps for Weight Loss –

Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone

* Nike+ Run Club:

This app can be used as a motivation to keep pace with other runners for weight loss.        It can track your running stats, heart rates and distance you traveled.

  • Run keeper:

It uses for keeping your running tracks.

Daily Burn trainer workouts: 

    • The app consists of 800+ workout videos for the assessment of your fitness. Live chats are also available here.

* 7minute workout:

      • The app provides workout plans or videos for 7minutes or less than it. The workouts consist of 12 high-intensity body workout which lasts for 30 seconds. The duration of the workout can be adjusted and customized.

* Sworkit:

It includes cardio, Yoga, stretching and strength workout plans with guided options. This app is perfect for losing weight and make your body toned and fit.

Gaining weight or being unhealthy both are tremendously harmful to your life. Eating healthy is a must. For losing weight, it is not always possible to go to the gym for doing workout or exercises because of our busy scheduled life. So, keeping weight losing apps on your phone and following those can be a great source of maintained life. Best weight loss apps for iPhone users have also described the essential apps that will fit your intentions. It will track your weight, foods, calorie, lifestyle, physical activities and exercises. It will support you in your progress and assist you to reach your targeted goals. But before that, you need to choose the right app that fits your body and mind.


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