Top 10 Best Hollywood Comedy Movies

  • There are different types of Comedy Movies if you are in happy or laugh mood you can choose sex comedy movies. In movies, Sex and Comedy is the real combination of adult climax. Movies can be funny or sexy but if you want both of these in a single pot. I would recommend you should watch list of adult comedy Movies which are streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. We have tried to list all-time best which you can not miss.

1.  American Pie:


American Pie is a box office hit sequel adult comedy movies. The story of five friends who lose their virginity before high school graduation. And the sexually native character “Dad Noah” who advises his son to purchase pornography.  Stream American Pie  in a single click.

2. Superbad:

adult comedy movies

Two teenagers best friends want to join parties for losing their virginity. Before graduating, they want to do this at any cost. However, their plan had gone the wrong way what they never expected. Most funny fact is the story writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were 13 years old when they wrote this story.  Stream Superbad

3. 40 Year Old Virgin:

the 40_year_old_virgin

The narrative of this movie you can figure out clearly by its title. The main plot is 40 years old a middle-aged man journey of having sex for the first time. He lives alone and still a virgin. His co-workers try to help him lose his virginity. The funny and sweet acting of the Paul and Steve Carell will be enough to conceive you watch this movie multiple times. Stream 4o Year Old Virgin

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4. Crazy Stupid Love:

crazy stupid love

Steve Carell the comedy character who knows well how to make you laugh if above “4o Year Old Virgin” movie was not enough dose then you can watch this romantic sensation “Crazy Stupid Love” comedy movie which also includes Emma Stone. Stream Crazy Stupid Love

5. Knocked up:

adult comedy movies

Knocked Up is a “Hollywood comedy adult movies” directed by Comedy Master Seth Rogen who can make a comedy movie on anything. At party night, Ben and Alison drinking a lot and then having Sex without using any protection. Eight weeks later, Alison recognizes she could be pregnant but Ben hesitant about being a parent. As a result, Ben made his relationship decision so that he wants to propose Alison. But everything has gone rusty when Ben has performed an awkward marriage proposal with an empty ring box. Stream Knocked Up

6. Eurotrip:

euro trip

Euro Trip is another hot teen adult comedy movies. The film received 2004 Teen Choice Award nomination without having a big star and a meaningful story. Siblings Jenny and Jamie and their friend Cooper make a trip to full Europe where they face some embarrassing situations. The movie is full of the “Oral Sex” scene.  Stream Euro Trip

7. Van Wilder:

van wilder

Deadpool hero Ryan Reynold’s can make you laugh at playing comedy character. The example is Hollywood Comedy Movie Van Wilder. The movie story is on a Guy who is unwilling to graduate and spend his whole life in college with making some adult fun. Stream Van Wilder

8. Harold & Kumar Go To The White Castle:


It is the first movie of Harold & Kumar sequels. Two friends Harold and Kumar decide to get hamburgers from White Castle. They were smoking Marijuana and did some horrible thing like pulls over to urinate on a school campus.  Stream Harold & Kumar

9. Zack and Miri Make a Porno:


This is one more great creation of Seth Rogen. “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” is Sex Comedy Movie. Zack and Miri two friends wanted to make a pornographic film to pay apartment’s electricity and water bill.  Stream Zack and Miri Make a Porno

10. The Girl Next Door:

girl next door

Elisha Cuthbert is an attractive choice for any sex comedy movies is not a gamble. The Girl Next Door proves it undoubtedly. A high school teen has fantasy when he saw undressing a sexy lady from his bedroom window. Teen guy tracks that sexy lady is from the adult industry. He falls in love with this girl and tries to convince her to leave adult industry.  Stream The Girl Next Door

We have tried to include at least one movie from every sequel. As a consequence, we did not incorporate other “Harold and Kumar”, “American Pie” and “Van Wilder” movies from the sequels most of which are great. We can make sure you above adult comedy movies will make your day.


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